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Transfesa News

CoolRail reaches Denmark travelling all the way by rail

CoolRail has sent its first container full of fresh fruit and vegetables to Denmark, travelling all the way there by train from Almussafes (Valencia).

Hummel News

VariaPro is extremely tough

Hard impacts, sudden shocks and permanent vibrations - nowhere else are components exposed to harsher conditions than in rail transport. That is why the approvals for parts and components for railway vehicles are among the toughest of all.

Rail Cargo Group News


We’re launching our new TransFER Verona–Hannover on 29th March. This new connection is extending our range of intermodal services between Italy and Germany and making an important contribution to relieving the Brenner Axis of traffic congestion.

Siemens News

New innovative Brake Monitoring System for freight trains

Siemens Mobility GmbH and VTG Rail Europe GmbH signed a contract to test the innovative Brake Monitoring System (BMS) for automated brake testing of freight trains to prove the system’s operational capability. The BMS ensures an automatic brake test on each wagon of a train. The expected efficiencies generated for freight operators will result in a great market potential across Europe.

Wabtec News

Wabtec Wins a Significant Order for London Underground

Wabtec Corporation (NYSE: WAB) secured an order to supply Siemens Mobility with several products for the London Underground’s Piccadilly Upgrade Program. The deal, valued at more than $70 million, is for brakes, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC), passenger information systems, and third-rail current collectors.

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