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Sensonic eyes up next level railway security

Sensonic has integrated CCTV into its Distributed Acoustic Sensing security system, enabling railways to detect and locate trespassers in real-time and visually identify them, thereby enhancing security and situational awareness.


Distributed Acoustic Sensing for railways explained

Fiber optic vibration sensing is often referred to as Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS). It is a technology that uses the properties of light combined with the material properties of fibre optic cables to measure acoustic vibrations along the cable length.

Geismar News

Rail Live : Geismar unveils Mantis and Nautilus

Geismar, worldwide leader in track laying, maintenance and renewal is thrilled to unveil its two new battery-powered machines for sustainable on-track bolting and rail de-stressing operations.

Nexcom News

NEXCOM Shaping Future Networks for Smarter and Safer World

NEXCOM, a leading supplier of network appliances, has unveiled its latest product portfolio and expansion of its network and communication capabilities, focusing on the latest advancements in edge computing, 5G, cyber security, and OT security.

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