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Siemens Mobility to provide CBTC Signaling for Buenos Aires ‘D’ Metro Line

Communications-Based Train Control signaling system to be installed on 11km of ‘D’ Metro Line in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The automated signaling system will provide greater availability, enhanced operations and passenger experience

Siemens Mobility to provide CBTC Signaling for Buenos Aires ‘D’ Metro Line

Siemens Mobility has been awarded a contract by Subterráneos de Buenos Aires, Sociedad del Estado (SBASE) to install a Communications-Based Train Control system (CBTC) on the ‘D’ Metro Line in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The CBTC signaling system will be fully implemented across the entire 11 kilometer line that incorporates 16 stations between “Catedral”, located in the historic Plaza de Mayo, and “Congreso de Tucumán”, located in the northern part, close to the borders of the city of Buenos Aires. The system will include the installation of onboard units on 24 existing cars, as well as a radio system, electronic interlockings, and wayside equipment. All elements of the system will be coordinated by a newly established operations control center. As part of the overall SBASE project to renovate the ‘D’ Metro Line, Siemens Mobility will also provide a passenger information system.

“Siemens Mobility is delighted to have been selected to install Communications-Based Train Control signaling system for the ‘D’ Metro Line in Buenos Aires. This important project further underscores our leading position in the field for delivering automated signaling systems, and expands our growing footprint in South America,” said Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility. “The state-of-the-art signaling technology will augment operations on this line and allow for an enhanced passenger experience featuring superior service reliability and availability.”

The radio based CBTC technology provides real-time data on vehicle position and speed conditions, allowing system operators to safely increase the number of vehicles on a rail line. This results in greater frequency of train arrivals and will allow SBASE to accommodate more passengers on its system. Additionally, the technology precisely locates each train on the tracks and controls speed, improving safety for riders and employees, while also providing the ability for continuous updates on system status that results in fewer delays and up-to-date travel information.

Siemens Mobility has a long-standing relationship with SBASE that goes back to the early years of the Buenos Aires metro network. This is the third contract awarded to Siemens Mobility to equip Buenos Aires metro lines with CBTC signalling technology.

The Siemens Mobility CBTC solution Trainguard MT is the most extensively deployed automatic train control system in the world and is also used by many operators in Latin-America, like Sao Paulo and Salvador de Bahia, and around the world, including Paris, Beijing and New York.

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