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Deutsche Bahn Prepares for Coronavirus

Deutsche Bahn says it is following the advice of the Robert Koch Institute in trains and at stations regarding the coronavirus and is in close contact with health authorities and ministries.

Deutsche Bahn Prepares for Coronavirus
Deutsche Bahn is preparing for a spread of the coronavirus in Germany. The well-known guidelines as given by the Robert Koch Institute, such as thorough hand-washing and quick disposal of tissues hold on trains and at stations as well. DB is in constant exchange with the health authorities at the national and state levels, with the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Transport, all of whom make decisions about rail traffic. There are currently no restrictions for rail customers.

Deutsche Bahn Response to Suspected Coronavirus Cases

Should the authorities identify a suspected coronavirus case, the relevant part of the train will be sealed off and professionally cleaned and disinfected. The passengers will be informed by train staff to leave their contact details so that the authorities can get in touch with them should they need to.

Coronavirus cases in Germany and countries that share land borders with Germany: 655 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Italy, 49 in Germany, 41 in France, 8 in Switzerland, 5 in Austria, 1 in Belgium, 1 in Denmark, 1 in the Netherlands.

Passengers with tickets to the areas in Italy affected by the coronavirus will be compensated by DB ex gratia: customers who no longer wish to travel can get a complete refund. The same is true for passengers with DB long-distance tickets who are no longer travelling because the reason for their trip has been cancelled (e.g. the official cancellation of a trade fair, of a concert, a sporting event or similar). DB will also refund tickets in full should passengers have booked hotels (including in another country) that is under quarantine. Affected customers should contact DB’s sales and customer services offices.

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