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DB to introduce more international train services

German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) has unveiled plans to introduce international services with the introduction of its new timetable on 15 December.

DB to introduce more international train services
The company added that it will focus on better connections and traffic growth between major parts of Germany with the addition of new ICE 4 trains.

These will replace the ICE 1 trains that operate on the Hamburg, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Basle, Zurich and Chur route.Additionally, DB has placed an order for 137 ICE 4 trainsets. These trainsets offer better seating capacity and space for bicycles.

From June next year, these trains will also operate on the Berlin, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Basel, Bern and Interlaken route.The company has collaborated with Czech Railways (CD) and Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) to announce the Railjet service that will operate on the Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Vienna and Graz line from May next year.

The company will expand its night services from 15 December. New InterCity night services will run on the Zurich to Hamburg and Zurich to Berlin routes.Along with the Rostock-Berlin-Dresden service announced last week, DB will also introduce ICE trains on the Berlin, Braunschweig and Frankfurt route, as well as the Berlin, Erfurt and Munich route.

More Sprinter trains will be used on the busy Hamburg-Rhine Ruhr route to increase the service by 15%.DB Passenger Transport director Berthold Huber said: “Roadmap 2020 is another milestone in strengthening railways and is the next step in the direction of the German cycle.

“On 15 December, we are opening a new long-distance transport line for our customers, consolidating supply on important routes in the German long-distance network and integrate new, attractive travel destinations in our neighbouring countries.”

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