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Stadler News

Stadler wins first maintenance contract in the United States

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) awarded Stadler USInc. a maintenance contract to maintain both the FLIRT vehicles and the Equipment Maintenance Facility (EMF) for a 15-year service period. This is in addition to the contract previously awarded in June2019, to build the FLIRT vehicles and design the EMF facility.The vehicles and EMF are to operate DART’s Cotton Belt Regional Rail Silver Line Project. For Stadler, this is the first maintenance contractin the United State


Cooling the Tube

Worldwide there are a significant number of Metro networks that are grappling with overheating problems and the following findings will make all the difference. For London Underground, which originally advertised “IT IS COOLER BELOW” until the 1920s, this has been a 120-year problem and their Cooling the Tube Project has contributed little improvement since its inception in 2005.


China expands high-speed and overnight sleeper services

A new national timetable was introduced in China on December 30 2019 which increases the number of passenger trains by 263.5 per day to reach 4816.5 daily round trips.


Alstom begins delivery of Prima M4 locomotives to ONCF

Alstom has delivered in Morocco the first Prima M4 locomotive in the frame of the contract signed in 2018 with ONCF to supply 30 electrical Prima locomotives.


Beijing Metro tops 699km making it world’s largest network

The two new metro sections comprise a 16.6km eastern extension of Line 7 and a 4.5km southern extension of the Batong Line to Huashuang and a common terminal at Universal Studios. The Universal Studios theme park is still under construction and is due to open in 2021.


UAE: Etihad Rail Tender Awarded to CRCC and NPC

Etihad Rail has awarded a tender worth 4.6 billion AED (1.1 billion euros1.25 billion USD) to a joint venture between China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) and National Projects and Construction (NPC).

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