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Clayton Equipment is shaping a green future for the locomotive industry and boosting transport net zero efforts.


When it comes to reducing transport emissions and promoting environmental rail solutions, Clayton Equipment is at the forefront of the movement. Committed to innovating the industry and moving technology towards a more sustainable path, our company facilitates low-emission rail solutions in a myriad of ways.

Zero Emissions
Clayton Equipment is a worldwide supplier of zero-emissions locomotive haulage equipment. As our locomotives are battery-powered, they don’t use fuel or emit greenhouse gases. This means they offer 100% emission-free operation. To put it simply, we develop and manufacture zero-emission trains.

Additionally, battery-powered locomotives are far quieter than diesel ones, resulting in a reduction in noise pollution to boot.

Hybrid Technology
In 2019, Clayton Equipment revealed it had developed the Hybrid+™ CBD90 Shunting Locomotive – a hybrid technology that significantly reduces costs and emissions. It achieves this by offering a significant reduction in fuel consumptions, thereby driving down both carbon emissions and costs. To top it off, it also boasts low maintenance costs and is suitable for underground work, including in mines and other enclosed spaces. The locomotive is also self-contained, with onboard battery charging that is replenished either via regenerative braking or its onboard diesel generator.

Innovative Solutions
Clayton Equipment prides itself on offering a state-of-the-art, extensive and diverse range of metro, mainline, and shunters/switchers locomotives. We supply battery locomotives that can operate on 3rd and 4th rail traction plus overhead line. Additionally, our trains are suitable for use near built-up areas as they are zero-emission and low noise. This makes them ideal for urban zones and cities working towards carbon-neutral goals and transport net zero.

Sustainability Thought Leaders
As the only independent UK manufacturer capable of designing and manufacturing locomotives up to 150 tonnes, Clayton Equipment leads the way in offering low-emission, sustainability-focused high-tech environmental rail solutions.

Efficiency Without Compromise
Using battery-powered equipment not only provides environmental benefits but also allows for cost savings over time in terms of fuel consumption. This therefore makes it an efficient and cost-effective environmental solution.

Carbon Credits
Carbon credits, or carbon offsets as they’re sometimes known, allow business owners to emit carbon dioxide (or other greenhouse gases) at set amounts, in exchange for a fee. Typically, one credit is equal to one ton of carbon dioxide. Businesses can sell off any excess credits. This is designed as an incentive to push companies towards greener energy consumption. The advantage of utilising zero-emission trains is that it omits the need for carbon credits, allowing companies to sell their unused offsets or refrain from purchasing them altogether.

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