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Alstom attends Modern Railways 2023: Innovation Empowers the Future of Mobility

Alstom introduces Avelia Horizon, a new generation of high-speed trains, for the first time in China.

Alstom attends Modern Railways 2023: Innovation Empowers the Future of Mobility

Alstom attends Modern Railways 2023 and the 4th World Railway Cooperation & Development Forum. As a global leader in the field of transportation in the digital era, Alstom is participating in a three-day long exhibition together with all exhibitors and attendees, presenting its extensive and reliable product portfolio, and showcasing green and intelligent innovative technologies and transportation solutions. This demonstrates Alstom's determination and confidence in empowering the sustainable development of China's rail transit.

Digital transformation has emerged as a critical trend in the development of intelligent and green integrated railways. During the exhibition, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd.(CR) and International Union of Railways(UIC) has jointly organised the 4th World Railway Cooperation & Development Forum, where Ming Geng, Managing Director of Alstom China, is invited to attend the Digital Railway Development & Prospect Forum and delivered insightful remarks.

"The Digital Railway Plan issued by the CR set out the requirement that 'Digital transformation of railways will be completed by 2035'. This occurs at a time when Alstom is committing to accelerate smart and green mobility innovation with important R&D investments and through a number of initiatives. With more than 60 years presence in the Chinese market, Alstom and its Chinese joint ventures will also respond to the call actively and continue to promote 'Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Technology', 'Fully Automated Driverless Technology', 'Low and Medium Capacity Systems', 'New Generation of Signalling Technology' and other digital and intelligent technologies and products, to help China's rail transit move towards a sustainable future", said Ming Geng, Managing Director of Alstom China.

As a dedicated player and global leader in rail mobility, Alstom in China is debuting Avelia Horizon, a new generation of high-speed trains, at this large-scale international and high-profile exhibition. Richard Xie, High Speed & Railway Trains Director of Alstom China, introduces the Avelia Horizon in detail with a theme of Efficient and Energy Saving, Joyful and Smart Moving in the Forum on Safe and Green Development of Railway Vehicle Technology.

The Avelia Horizon, a new generation of power-centralised articulated double-deck train, adopts a compact train and centralised traction system, which effectively reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs. Designed to increase capacity by up to 20%, the 9-car train can accommodate up to 740 passengers; the train is flexible enough to minimise operating costs, while being highly modular, easy to configure interiors, and with the lowest ownership costs per seat, making the Avelia Horizon highly desirable. Its fully automatic accessible on-and-off-the-train features and independent concept bar further provide passengers with a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

Alstom’s series of safe, reliable, and high-quality classic products and technologies will also be showcased at the exhibition. Coradia iLint, the first passenger train in the world to run on electricity produced by hydrogen fuel cells, 8K DC dual electric locomotive, CRH380D high-speed train, high altitude passenger train for Qinghai-Tibet line, and high-grade intercity train will meet you at Modern Railways 2023.

Alstom has viewed the fair as an important platform for friendly exchanges with partners participating in the first Modern Railways in 1992. Eddy Thesee, Vice President of Alstom Product & Solutions Cybersecurity, shares Alstom's cutting-edge perspectives and pertinent expertise in this subject during his keynote address on "Cybersecurity" at the Railway Communication and Signaling Technology Development Forum.

Alstom has long pledged to "Leading the way to greener and smarter mobility worldwide”. Looking into the future, guided by the group's 2050 mid-term goals, Alstom will continue to drive development through innovation and adhere to localisation, expanding the depth and breadth of its business in China to help China's rail transit move towards a smarter, low-carbon future.

Present in China for over 60 years, Alstom participates in the full spectrum of China’s railway projects. Alstom in China now has a complete range of rolling stock (high-speed trains, railway passenger cars, locomotives, metros, automated people movers, monorails and trams), state-of-the-art components (traction systems, bogies, traction motors, dampers), customised services as well as infrastructure and signalling solutions.

Alstom in China has eleven joint ventures, and nearly 10,000 employees. Together, the joint ventures have delivered more than 6,000 railway passenger cars and 1,530 electric locomotives, more than 7,200 metro cars, over 800 monorail cars, 136 automated people mover cars, and 191 tram cars to China’s growing rail transit market as well as to overseas markets. In China, Alstom also provides customers with a wide range of services solutions, from heavy maintenance to modernisations, and currently has more than 3,200 metro cars under maintenance contracts. It is a major signalling supplier to the Chinese high-speed network, and through its joint ventures, its signalling systems and propulsion equipment are utilised in more than 100 urban mass transit lines.

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