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Analyst Certification of the American AAR WABL Committee for PJM strength calculations

The AAR WABL Committee (Association of American Railroads) has voted to approve PJM for performing strength calculations of wheels according to the S-660 and S-690 standards.

Analyst Certification of the American AAR WABL Committee for PJM strength calculations

This new area of expertise is also already in use on a project. "We are very pleased that we can now also offer our customers this consultancy service for the use of rail vehicles in North America," explains Martin Joch.

In the field of wheelsets, PJM has built up profound know-how over the years. Here the link between calculation and testing plays a major role. The expertise includes calculations as well as the design of measuring wheelsets.

Unique engineering expertise provided by PJM

PJM's engineering expertise is outstanding in the railway industry for several reasons:

- PJM has a particularly effective and efficient in-house engineering team, with experienced experts in design, calculation, simulation and certification working very closely together. Extended by the measurement specialists, PJM offers unique know-how in the product development of structural railway components.

- Interdisciplinary approach is more than a buzzword. In addition to their railway activities, all engineering specialists also have many years of experience in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. Therefore, PJM not only has great expertise in rail transport, but also in projects in other sectors, such as the optimisation of waste treatment plants or other mechanical engineering projects.

- The perfect combination of theoretical calculations with the expertise gained from test runs creates essential added value for customers. The calculation experts and designers receive the results from the test runs and then check the mathematical design by means of laboratory tests and operational test drives.

Analyst Certification of the American AAR WABL Committee for PJM strength calculations

PJM at a glance

PJM is an internationally renowned railway system specialist and has successfully implemented projects in 30 countries on 6 continents.

As an accredited test center according to ISO/IEC 17025, PJ Messtechnik GmbH carries out tests worldwide for the approval of rail vehicles in the areas of running behavior, fatigue strength, braking, acoustics and aerodynamics. Engineering projects include topology optimisation and strength verification of wagon bodies for Stadler Rail AG, fatigue strength determination as part of the overall approval of Innofreight's 80ft InnoWaggon Sggns or the design of the innovative TransAnt freight wagon.

PJ Monitoring GmbH is a technology leader in the automation of rail freight transport with forward-looking comprehensive solutions.

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