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Alstom celebrates 30 years of presence in mobility in Argentina

More than half of the Rolling stock in operation in the Buenos Aires metro was built by Alstom.

Alstom celebrates 30 years of presence in mobility in Argentina

Alstom, leader in smart and sustainable mobility, celebrates 30 years of presence in Argentina, a period in which it has been a key player in providing solutions to the national transportation system, notably offering state-of-the-art technology and services for the modernisation of the Argentinian rail system.

Throughout the past 30 years, Alstom has developed a strong presence in Argentina, with projects that include the modernisation of the Buenos Aires metro lines, and the construction of and installation of advanced signalling systems. Alstom has delivered approximately 280 metro cars in Argentina and has installed more than 120 km of signalling across the country’s rail network.

During these 30 years, Alstom has advised and worked for important clients at a national level, such as the concessionaires and owners of the metro and train networks.

“We are very proud to celebrate this important milestone of 30 years in Argentina. During this time, Alstom has worked tirelessly to provide high-quality, technologically advanced rail transportation solutions for the Argentinian market,” says Ernesto Garberoglio, Manager Director of Alstom Argentina. “It is a great source of pride for the men and women of Alstom to know that they have contributed so much for the country’s rail infrastructure, from the trains themselves to signalling and maintenance.”

Alstom is also committed to sustainability in the country. The company is a member of the Argentinian hydrogen consortium, H2Ar, a consortium focused on developing and brining innovation to the hydrogen economy in Argentina. Further, through projects sponsored by the Alstom Foundation, Alstom has helped secure water access and sustainable energy generation for multiple schools and communities, including through rainwater harvesting, and helped raise environmental awareness through socially inclusive programmes.

"Alstom is deeply integrated in Argentina and open to all development proposals that point to a path of progress and improvement of the population's quality of life," said Garberoglio. "Alstom's alliances with the train operators and local partners in Argentina demonstrates its commitment to the country's progress and to supporting society."

The future

The company maintains its focus on the future, focused on sustainable growth, green and digital innovation, operational efficiency and an agile, inclusive and responsible corporate culture, anticipating the mobility challenges of tomorrow. Over the next few years, Alstom Argentina is working so that its projects can transform people's lives, help them move safely, quickly and sustainably. “We firmly believe in the country's progress and just as we did when we arrived in Argentina, we will always work to continue providing the country with the most innovative technologies that benefit our customers and all the people in our community with greater efficiency, faster, cleaner and safer means of transportation to contribute to the consolidation of the nation”, concluded the director.

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