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CAF LEADMIND makes significant savings on the 11th line of CPTM

LeadMind was installed on 36 trains of series 8000 maintained by CTRENS in Brazil, providing service in line 11 of the CPTM operator, carrying 500.000 passengers per day.

CAF LEADMIND makes significant savings on the 11th line of CPTM

The results obtained during this period have been thoroughly monitored and relevant evidence in corrective actions has been reported. Thanks to LeadMind, early detection of anomalies has increased by 103%, improving fleet reliability.

Another objective has been to monitor the monthly evolution of the average time spent on corrective maintenance of critical systems such as doors, air conditioning, signaling, etc. The hours spent on corrective tasks have been reduced by 39% in only 5 months. This KPI is expected to continue improving thanks to the learning and knowledge gained in the coming months.

By monitoring the equipment in real time, in addition to anticipating failures, maintenance interventions are also planned before the unit arrives at the workshop. LeadMind enables to organize yourself by preparing the necessary resources (materials and human resources) in advance in order to execute maintenance efficiently. The improvement of the MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) of critical systems has been analyzed, comparing the incidents attended with and without LeadMind; with a reduction of 20% in repair times in the month of February, thanks to the anticipation of maintenance planning.

CAF LEADMIND makes significant savings on the 11th line of CPTM

LeadMind benefits operators and maintainers allowing to transform the maintenance strategy and increasing the life of the equipment. Predictive maintenance avoids changing equipment that is working properly, increasing its useful life and making processes more efficient.

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is one of LeadMind's core competencies, facilitating optimal decision making through real-time equipment health monitoring. Current capabilities to capture equipment real condition data, allow to focus only on the components that need intervention, minimizing unnecessary maintenance operations and improving reliability and availability.

To monitor these indicators, the maintenance company CTRENS has set up a Control Room where engineers and technicians work side by side analyzing the information and insights provided by the digital platform and taking the most suitable decisions.

As next steps and with the objective of evolving and automating the inspection and measurement of train equipment, an investment for the installation of wheel inspection equipment is expected. LeadMind is currently operating in more than 22 countries and captures, records, and makes available data to and from customers operating 1800 UTs and more than 8000 cars.

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