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CAF Signalling commissions the new signalling system in Celje, in Slovenia

This is the largest project ever undertaken by the CAF Group subsidiary, which consolidates its position as a supplier in Slovenia.

CAF Signalling commissions the new signalling system in Celje, in Slovenia

CAF Signalling, the technological subsidiary of the CAF Group specialised in Railway Signalling Systems, has successfully completed the commissioning of the new signalling system at Celje station, Slovenia. This project is part of the signalling improvement work on the line

between Zidani Most - Šentilj (on the Austrian border) and, in turn, is the most complex and largest project in which the company has participated. This is a particularly important railway line for freight transport. In particular, the Celje station is strategic for transport in the region, due to its volume of traffic, both passenger and freight.

The commissioning of the two new interlockings, using CAF Signalling's own technology, took just 18 days. During this time, the line has been in continuous service without any reduction in the usual traffic, which has reached up to 190 trains a day.

The new signalling at Celje station now includes a new system of 97 points, 188 axle counters, 166 signals and two level crossings. The entire system has been incorporated into a new operator's station in Celje and integrated into the Centralised Traffic Control (CTC).

In this relay and signalling interlocking renewal work, CAF Signalling has been supported by Iskra as a local partner. The project is successfully meeting the planned milestones, despite the difficulties posed by factors such as the COVID19 pandemic, the supply crisis and other technical obstacles.

"The size and complexity of this project, as well as all the adversities of the context that have surrounded it, have been a particularly relevant challenge for CAF Signalling. This first milestone with the commissioning of the new signalling system at Celje station demonstrates our ability to adapt and be flexible in the face of complex projects, tailored to the needs of each client",
acknowledges Frédéric Charlemagne, CAF Signalling's Operations Director.

The completion of this ambitious project is scheduled for 2025 and represents a significant milestone in CAF Signalling's portfolio, consolidating its position as a benchmark supplier of railway signalling in Slovenia.

The work is co-financed by the European Union as part of the route runs along the Pan-European Corridors V / X and on the priority project of the European Union TEN-T Core Networks Corridors No 6.

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