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The new M-Generation of Vossloh tension clamps withstands the toughest loads

Significantly increasing passenger numbers and a consistent shift of freight traffic to environmen-tally friendly rail will inevitably lead to acute strains on the rail infrastructure.

The new M-Generation of Vossloh tension clamps withstands the toughest loads

New M9 tension clamp in European track with extreme performance requirements.

In order to make the rail infrastructure as a whole more durable and resistant to these increasing demands, Vossloh is presenting its new M-Generation tension clamps at InnoTrans 2022.

With the development of the M-Generation, Vossloh is presenting rail customers worldwide with two major innovations that are not to be underestimated: Firstly, guaranteed safety on all tracks despite increasing demands and greater load levels, and secondly, an improved carbon footprint over the entire service life.

Compact in design, the outwardly curved spring arms are the most striking feature of the new tension clamps. Their geometry, which resembles an "M" in cursive, provides both a larger contact area to the rail base and reduced contact stress. Increased fatigue strengths are achieved by accommodating the three-dimensional stress directions in a unique geometry. The high natural frequency – two to three times higher than previous tension clamps in the respective application area – strengthens the robustness of the new type of tension clamps against external influences. This lowers life cycle costs on a comparative basis and allows the use of more elastic rail fastening systems to further reduce vibrations. This is because, thanks to their excellent load and deflection characteristics, M tension clamps maintain rail stability over a long period of time, even under extreme conditions.

Vossloh has also enhanced the material used. A micro-steel alloy optimizes the tried-and-tested properties. A low-stress bending process and an improved hardening process are used in production, so that CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced in conjunction with the compact product design. Many values for the M-Generation are still based on laboratory results and simulations; however, the feedback after the first operational trials is consistently positive and promising.

Ready for use in all areas of application, the following three M-clamp variants are currently available, whereby one M tension clamp combines the properties of several previous clamps:

  • The M3 is available as an alternative to the Skl 15 in the high-speed segment. Already in use on high-speed lines in China, it has also been installed on the German network for test purposes since 2021.
  • The M7 is recommended as an alternative to the Skl 1, Skl 14 and Skl 21 tension clamps in the mainline, metro and high-speed ballast track segments.
  • In addition, the M9 is suitable for lines with extreme requirements, such as very tight curve radii or with heavy freight traffic, and will replace the Skl 14 R, Skl 30 and Skl 40 tension clamps in the long term.

Vossloh is once again setting standards for safe and green rail transport with the new M-generation for our rail fastening systems. Visit us at the Vossloh booth 975 in hall 26. Beforehand, you can find informative details in the Vossloh Topic Lounge , in the Advanced Infrastructure section or at InnoTrans 2022 | Vossloh AG .

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