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IMMENSE AND SYSTRA Group Form a Partnership to Support the Evolution of our Mobility Systems

UK based company Immense and the SYSTRA Group have set up a new strategic business partnership to provide decision-makers with a new generation of simulation and modelling tools and services to better understand and plan for future mobility demands.

IMMENSE AND SYSTRA Group Form a Partnership to Support the Evolution of our Mobility Systems

SYSTRA is a global player in safe and sustainable transport systems and a specialist in modelling and transport planning. Its experts are at the forefront of new mobility services emerging from new possibilities offered by digital technology.

Immense is an applied technology company transforming the use of digital tools to help design, build, adapt and operate sustainable transport systems. Their innovative technology platform enables evaluation of complex strategic and operational scenarios across fleets as well as infrastructure.

The partnership will provide a new software platform and services to enable more informed decision-making on congestion, economy and climate change through rapidly testing many different real-world scenarios. Importantly, the partnership will offer the ability to evaluate data-driven insights from challenges and opportunities of urban and suburban travel, connected logistics, electric mobility and the provision of public, on-demand transport.

Robin North, CEO Immense, commented:
“As an industry we will judge our success over the next ten years in terms of how we can deliver meaningful and effective change to the carbon intensity of our travel, while improving access to opportunity and supporting recovery and adaptation of our communities. There are hard choices to make about uncertain futures. This partnership with SYSTRA gives us access to unparalleled expertise to provide confidence in infrastructure systems decisions. Together we will deliver fast, cost-effective insights and put sophisticated simulation tools in the hands of decision-makers around the world.”

Nick Salt, CEO of SYSTRA Ltd, added:
“Mobility is increasingly determined by user demand. It is less routine, more flexible and less constrained by a fixed transport offer. So how can these new forms of mobility be understood? How can their development be predicted? How can decision-makers be given the keys to organizing the provision of services, in their town, city or region? Our collaboration will enable us to support decision-makers to meet the transport and mobility challenges that are taking place today. The power and flexibility offered by Immense’s platform will complement the expertise of our teams. This will enable us to answer the needs and expectations of our clients, both in the UK and internationally, even more effectively.”

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