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China National Railway outlines measures to stop spread of coronavirus

China National Railway has outlined ten measures that need to be adopted to prevent the spread of epidemic diseases such as the coronavirus.

China National Railway outlines measures to stop spread of coronavirus
First reported in the city of Wuhan last month, the coronavirus has so far killed 132 and infected approximately 5,974 people.

The railway group said it would focus on the virus prevention and control, including employee disease prevention, as well as prevention and control of material transportation.

China National Railway also added that the passenger temperature measurement at stations would be increased and the stakeholders involved should cooperate in the investigation of the close contacts.

Passengers will also be asked to fill health registration cards. The cards will include the basic information, which should be submitted to the local government after collecting it at the station.

The authority will carry out daily disinfection and training of cleaning staff along with the disinfection of the environment.

Stations have been asked to closely monitor the closed passenger passages to avoid the illicit release of personnel.

Employees who work in the station should be protected from contracting the virus. Masks and protective gloves should be mandated for people on duty.

China Railway Group also said that the temporary business trips to Hubei Province need to be limited to avoid further spread of the virus.

The group also recommended home isolation and serious accountability from people who monitor the preventive measures.

As of 25 January, 79 railway stations were closed and all rail transport to the Hubei Province was suspended.

The group also suspended all trains operated by Wuhan Railway Group Corporation and started providing refunds for cancelled train tickets.

On 28 January, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced that the authorities are restricting travel with mainland China to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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