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The new partnership between Renfe and PressReader offers thousands of publications

PressReader expands its reach in Spain and adds Renfe to its ever-growing list of partnerships in that country.

The new partnership between Renfe and PressReader offers thousands of publications

In a new partnership with PressReader, Renfe — Spain’s national passenger railway company — will provide passengers with access to the world’s largest all-you- can-read digital newspaper and magazine platform. As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless initiatives remain a priority for travelers. PressReader delivers a safe and sustainable way for Renfe to offer passengers an elevated reading experience.

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, PressReader will be available for Renfe passengers before departure as well as on board. Passengers with a Renfe booking will receive a notification with a link to access PressReader prior to their departure via email or text.

Additionally, PressReader will be integrated into PlayRenfe, the railway’s entertainment app, to furnish a seamless guest experience. Once they are connected to the train’s WiFi network and access PlayRenfe, passengers will get to choose between thousands of titles from more than 120 countries in over 70 languages provided by PressReader.

As a leading company of the least polluting means of mass transport, Renfe bolsters its commitment to technological and digital transformation and enhancing passenger engagement and service quality through the partnership with PressReader. By providing passengers with publications in a digital form through PressReader, the company is contributing to its sustainability goals, including reducing emissions.

PressReader has a large presence in Spain including partnerships with a major airline, Iberia; Paradores hotels; and ferry operators such as Baleària and Trasmapi who are innovative and responsible leaders working to boost customer experiences and advocating for the sustainability of the industry. Renfe is PressReader’s third partnership within the railway industry after having announced its partnership with VIA Rail Canada, providing the PressReader service in VIA Rail’s business class lounges, and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), where PressReader works with Nomad Digital to provide SBB trains with a selection of titles within the onboard entertainment portal.

In addition to its transportation partners, PressReader is available through a growing number of hotels, cruise lines, airlines and other operators in hospitality and travel, enabling more and more travelers to stay connected with their favorite content, no matter where they go around the globe.

“Renfe’s focus on environmental sustainability is the foundation of our partnership. We are pleased to partner with Renfe to provide thousands of international, national, and local publications to passengers before departure and during the journey. Whenever and wherever they travel, Renfe passengers are sure to enjoy quality reading time,” 
says Ruairí Doyle, CEO of PressReader Group of companies.

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