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Belden to Show Connected Mass Transit Solutions at InnoTrans 2022

Belden Inc, a leading global supplier of specialty networking solutions, will be showing an extensive portfolio of products and systems for the rail industry at InnoTrans 2022 in Berlin. The company’s exhibit will focus on smart mass transit environments for optimized infrastructure efficiency, enhanced passenger experience and maximized safety.

Belden to Show Connected Mass Transit Solutions at InnoTrans 2022

Featured products will also include solutions from OTN Systems and NetModule, two recently acquired businesses specializing in networking solutions.

While the digital transformation is still grounded in enabling technology, Belden is helping railway operators build a future enabled by connectivity, networks, systems and software that bring data to life. In the rail industry, digitalization requires solutions to communicate and automate, predict and protect, driving information deeper into systems and processes so that human insights become business outcomes. The rail infrastructure of the future will be simpler, smarter and secure – all powered by people who think and work.

In the spotlight at InnoTrans, Belden will highlight its products and systems for robust network solutions all around four key elements of smart mass transit:

  • Connected Trackside Network: Train-to-ground connection, trackside control and trackside operation systems designed to provide smart connectivity for trackside equipment
  • Connected Backbone & OCC Network: Area of Operation (AO) and Operations Control Center (OCC) for creating a smart backbone for the Operation Technology (OT) network
  • Connected Train Network: Train control, train operation and onboard experience systems providing smart connections for onboard rolling stock assets
  • Connected Station Network: Station control, station operation and in-station experience systems enabling smart in-station communication

Belden to Show Connected Mass Transit Solutions at InnoTrans 2022

OTN Systems
solutions will be showcased in a live demonstration together with Hirschmann GREYHOUND GRS switches, BAT wireless devices and GREYHOUND GRS switch equipment and include the entire XTran portfolio with XTD and XTR nodes, which make MPLS for Operational Telecom easy. Examples:

  • The XTD MPLS access node is the most compact member of the successful XTran product line. It combines MPLS-TP transport at 1Gpbs or 10Gbps with the possibility of wire speed encryption as well as Layer 2 and Layer 3 features on the Ethernet access ports in an integrated industrial housing. The XTD-2110-A provides a total of 10 Ethernet ports, 2 serial ports plus Digital I/O. The node is redundantly powered, passively cooled and can easily be mounted on a DIN rail in compact shelters with limited space.
  • The XTR MPLS access node XTR-2124-A combines MPLS-TP transport at 1Gpbs or 10Gbps with Layer 2 and Layer 3 features on the Ethernet access ports. The XTR-2124-A enables wire speed encryption to secure all communications. The node is designed for fanless operation in a compact industrial housing that can be mounted in a 19" rack. The XTR-2124-AF version provides the option of forced cooling.

NetModule products presented at InnoTrans 2022 support 5G onboard connectivity for assets such as stationary ticket vending machines and display boards on trains – all from a single source. The modular solutions span from routers, switches and access points to the Connectivity Suite management platform. Applications also include passenger WiFi, infotainment, condition monitoring, operational data transmission, video surveillance and in-vehicle ticket vending devices. Examples:

  • The new, powerful AP3400 access point is targeted at applications such as passenger WiFi for customers and railway staff and infotainment in trains and trams. It is equipped with a dual radio WiFi 6 for more than 300 clients, thus addressing the requirements of increasingly longer trains due to constantly growing passenger numbers. In combination with the NB3800 5G railway router and the ES3300 switch, the PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) enabled AP3400 permits the creation of a redundant Gigabit IP backbone in ring topology to reduce the efforts for cabling and installation mobile technology prepared for the future.
  • The NB3800 series rail router is now offered with a 5G-NR expansion, making applications even more versatile with higher data rates and shorter latency times compared to 4G LTE. Beyond the transmission of high-resolution video recordings from the vehicle and video streaming for passengers, it also enables fast and secure transmission of operational data from the vehicle to the cloud via VPN.

Please visit us at InnoTrans, Messe Berlin, Hall 4.1, Stand 615 Belden/Connected Trackside Network | Stand 410 Belden/Connected Rail Network.

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