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MainRail, Coalvi and Rover Rail to digitalise maintenance of over 2,700 km of rail infrastructure in Spain

Railway line maintenance in the EU costs over €11 billion, according to data from the European Commission. However, in recent years, new technological developments are enabling the rail industry to improve the efficiency of its maintenance processes, increase management and safety quality, and extend the useful life of some of the assets, such as carriages and catenary, for example.

MainRail, Coalvi and Rover Rail to digitalise maintenance of over 2,700 km of rail infrastructure in Spain

  • Construction companies Coalvi and Rover Rail, alongside technological startup MainRail, are working together to digitalise the maintenance tasks of over 2,700 km of Adif rail infrastructure.
  • By implementing the digital platform MainRailMT, owned by the technological company, maintenance tasks carried out on the conventional railway line in Catalonia and Aragon can be managed in real time.

In this context, construction companies Coalvi (Aldesa Group) and Rover Rail (Rover Group) have decided to work with rail technology startup MainRail to boost the digitalisation of maintenance processes of the 2,700+ km of railway included in the “North-east Contract”, awarded by Adif to the joint venture made up of both these companies. This project is one of the best examples of rail infrastructure maintenance digitalisation carried out to date in Spain, and it specifically involves the digitalisation of the conventional railway line maintenance in Catalonia and Aragon.

The digitalisation of these processes will be carried out with the implementation of the MainRailMT software, a digital platform that can be customised to help the companies in the sector manage all maintenance operations.

“Thanks to this new platform, all the parties involved in the network maintenance will have access in real time to the status and monitoring of the works, as well as all the data obtained from each one of the inspection and maintenance operations,” explained Jorge Rodríguez, CEO of MainRail.

Maintenance optimisation
The MainRail platform is a software solution that combines enterprise asset management (EAM), computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) and advanced analytics. It allows the recording of inspections on site directly in the same app, thus analysing results and speeding up the maintenance of operations to be carried out by rail infrastructure maintenance workers. Not only are operations optimised to cut maintenance costs, but also the quality of the work carried out is improved and the useful life of assets is extended.

As MainRail keeps a log of all the data generated, artificial intelligence algorithms and “digital twins” (virtual replicas) can be implemented, in order to evolve towards predictive maintenance models, optimising cost management and extending the useful life of infrastructure. Moving forward, “the evolution towards maintenance models may mean that infrastructure maintenance costs are reduced by up to 25%,” explained Mr Rodríguez.

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