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For even more precise navigation: the new ASC IMU 8

Both the gyroscopes and the accelerometers now feature additional measuring ranges. Repeated improvement of the gyroscope performance allows extremely precise position measurements

For even more precise navigation: the new ASC IMU 8

Test and measurement engineers have long valued the analog inertial measurement unit ASC IMU 8 for its unequaled quality. It provides the measurements for all 6 degrees of freedom as raw data, which allows full flexibility in the processing and analysis of signals.

The tactical grade gyroscopes of the new ASC IMU 8 now feature five measuring ranges (±10, ±25, ±100, ±200 and ±400 °/s) instead of two as in the past. Users can therefore choose the optimal measuring range for every application. Several important parameters for the gyroscopes of the ASC IMU 8 have again been improved: Depending on the measuring range, the gyroscopes now achieve bias stability of 0.03 °/h to 0.1 °/h instead 0.12 °/h as in the past, and the angular random walk has been reduced from 0.017 °/√h to the range from 0.005 °/√h to 0.01 °/√h.

Accelerometers of the ASC IMU 8 series feature the usual outstanding bias and scale factor repeatability, as well as excellent in-run bias stability. What’s new here is the measuring range of ±16 g: Together with the measuring range of ±30 g available so far, there are now 2 measuring ranges that do not fall under the EU dual-use regulation and therefore are not subject to any export restrictions.

In addition, all configurations of the flexible modular system remain ITAR-free.

The ASC IMU 8 is ideal for high-precision position measurements and bridging navigation, for example in drones, ships, robots or automated guided vehicles. It is also predestined for use in platform stabilization, as well as in railway engineering and mobile mapping applications.

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