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PcVue 12: The open, secure and mobile SCADA/IoT platform !

ARC Informatique is pleased to announce the release of PcVue version 12. PcVue 12 is a forward-looking software solution that provides an open and scalable platform. Built on the latest technologies, it features an innovative web and mobile HTML5 platform based on the EasyMobileTechnology, specifically developed by ARC for secure and easy deployment. This version comes with an IoT LoRaWAN driver to aggregate data from connected things, and a new Universal Data Connector for limitless interoperability.

PcVue 12: The open, secure and mobile SCADA/IoT platform !

A solution for all mobile users
WebVue, version 12’s cutting-edge HMTL5-based client, requires no installation nor configuration and allows users to navigate mimics on virtually any touch device. It provides a delightful user experience by ensuring cross-browser compatibility, secured communication with HTTPS and deployment in a context of network segregation.

TouchVue, the mobile application for immediate action, augments this comprehensive web and mobile offer. Users can now access data from several sites at the same time and display contextual mimics for each alarm they receive. A re-designed interface makes it for a great user experience and optimized performance.

Deploy a web solution in few clicks! The EasyMobileTechnology allows you to deploy a secure platform rapidly. It is well suited for deployment of web services and web apps. Built on top of Microsoft Internet Information Server, it facilitates data protection and security for a trusted relationship between users, apps and web services.

Connect (any) things
PcVue 12 introduces a new way to exchange data and unleash interoperability thanks to the Universal Connector. This SQL bridge connects various data sources from ERP, to Azure database or even social networks among others.

PcVue 12 extends its connectivity and opens new opportunities to integrate IoT connected objects. With a new LoRaWAN driver, PcVue 12 supports hybrid architectures using traditional automation controllers combined with IoT objects such as wireless and self-powered sensors.

New features for vertical markets

PcVue 12 includes features designed for the Energy, Industry and Transportation markets.

For Energy, improvements to the IEC61850 and IEC104 for enhancements to substation automation.

For Industry, a series of new Smart Generators to streamline configuration:

- Smart Generator for Siemens allows importing the elements of a TIA portal project.
- Smart Generator for OPC automates configuration when the data source is an OPC server.
- Smart Generator for Moxa ioLogik controllers automates configuration of Moxa controllers.

For Transportation, a railways systems library including urban, main lines and stations graphics.

User interfaces and Configuration tools

PcVue 12 is continuously improved user-centric features for improved productivity of both developers and end-users.

To initialize a new project in a blink of an eye, the Quickstart application comes with 3 new styles - Industry, Web, and Dashboard - each with light and dark skins, and multiple colored themes.

Versatility is at the core of PcVue 12, with infinite capacities of deployment in web and mobile architectures. This flexible platform is designed for every type of user (System Integrators, IT/OT, end-users) and has modules tailored for many markets.

Scan this QR code to download version 12 and join the PcVue community!

PcVue 12: The open, secure and mobile SCADA/IoT platform !

PcVue 12: The open, secure and mobile SCADA/IoT platform !

PcVue 12: The open, secure and mobile SCADA/IoT platform !

PcVue 12: The open, secure and mobile SCADA/IoT platform !

PcVue 12: The open, secure and mobile SCADA/IoT platform !

PcVue 12: The open, secure and mobile SCADA/IoT platform !

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Join the 155,000+ IMP followers