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NORD Drivesystems

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at BrauBeviale 2018 in Nürnberg

Corrosion resistant aluminium drives for the beverage industry

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at BrauBeviale 2018 in Nürnberg
NORD_bottle_conveyor_Brau_Beviale_2018.jpg: At BrauBeviale, NORD demonstrates the difference in the efficiencies of the IE3 asynchronous motor and the IE4 synchronous smooth motor in a direct comparison by means of a bottle conveyor.

From 13 to 15 November, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will be exhibiting its innovative nsd tupH anti-corrosion treatment for demanding environments and high hygiene requirements. The surface treatment gives drives in aluminium housings a corrosion resistance and durability similar to that of stainless steel.

The nsd tupH surface treatment offered by NORD is an outstanding anti-corrosion treatment for gear units, smooth surfaced motors, frequency inverters and motor starters in washdown-optimised cast aluminium housings. A protective layer is created, which is permanently bonded with the substrate material and will not chip or flake off. In a special process, the surface of the aluminium is hardened and made similarly corrosion-resistant as stainless steel. Also, the drives are easy to clean and largely resistant to acids and alkalis. It is even possible to use high pressure cleaners or apply aggressive media.

Thus, nsd tupH drive units are an efficient alternative to painted geared motors or stainless steel versions. In contrast to stainless steel drives offered in only few variants, the nsd tupH surface treatment is feasible for almost all NORD aluminium products. For nsd tupH aluminium drives all DIN and standard components, including drive shafts, are made from stainless steel. The fanless smooth surfaced motors prevent the spreading of germs and run very quietly. They are available as synchronous and asynchronous motors and comply with efficiency classes IE2, IE3 and IE4.

Functional model: bottle conveyor

At BrauBeviale, NORD demonstrates two different drive concepts for wet and dry areas of beverage container conveying by means of a bottle conveyor: Firstly, a standard-solution with an open, two-stage bevel gear unit, IE3 asynchronous motor and an attached NORDAC FLEX SK 200E frequency inverter. Secondly, a washdown-capable solution with a closed, two-stage bevel gear unit, IE4 synchronous smooth motor and an attached NORDAC BASE SK 180E frequency inverter. The entire unit is finished with nsd tupH and meets protection class IP 69K. The inverters are coupled with a system bus and operate synchronously; the synchronous motor as the master and asynchronous motor as the slave, with slip compensation. The IE4 synchronous technology also offers better energy efficiency for the partial load range.

At BrauBeviale 2018, you can find the corrosion-resistant aluminium drives from NORD in Hall 8 on Stand 8-202.

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